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Tim Cone attributes 43 free throws in Game 3 to Ginebra’s ‘aggressive plays’

Tim Cone attributes 43 free throws in Game 3 to Ginebra’s ‘aggressive plays’

The American coach noted that unlike Game 2, which Ginebra lost, 103-96 in Batangas City, the Kings played with emotions this time as they pounded the ball inside against the shorter Katropa.

Stats for Game 3 revealed TNT had 35 fouls, compared to Ginebra’s 24.

TNT’s fouls rewarded Ginebra 43 attempts from the foul line with the Kings making 30, numbers that did not sit well for coach Nash Racela, who engaged in a verbal altercation with team governor Alfrancis Chua during halftime.

For Cone, he feels the numerous attempts of Ginebra was simply the result of their aggressive plays.

“I don’t care what TNT may say, but that’s the way it is. The more aggressive team will go to the free throw line. So I’m okay with the free throws,” said Cone, who was seen pacifying and pulling Chua away from Racela at halftime.

The multi-titled PBA coach also noted he wasn’t happy with how officiating went against Ginebra in Game 2 that saw TNT get 35 free throw attempts and just 18 for the Kings.

“I wasn’t happy with Game 2 officiating. They were beating us up. They were grabbing and holding Greg (Slaughter), and they were doing all kinds of stuff,” said Cone. “But they (referees) cleaned it up today (Friday), so we’ll see what happens in Game 4. For me, this is just tit for tat.”

Asked what he said to Chua during the halftime verbal altercation the latter had with Racela, Cone mentioned that the Ginebra team executive is “his own man”.

“He (Chua) doesn’t need a baby sitter like that. He takes care of himself, and he’s the boss. I’m not gonna tell him what to do,” said Cone.

“I’m not gonna say anything to him. He’s doing what he thinks is right for the team and he has his own style which is fantastic for me.”