Alaska, NorthPort, Columbian, ROS fight for last two QF spots. See situations

FOUR groups are competing for the last two quarterfinal spots in the PBA Governors’ Cup.

NLEX, Meralco, Barangay Ginebra, San Miguel, Magnolia, and TnT KaTropa are guaranteed of spots in the quarterfinals while both Blackwater and Phoenix are out.

That leaves Alaska, NorthPort, Columbian, and Rain or Shine to challenge the last two compartments of the quarterfinals, with the Aces, Batang Pier, and the Elastopainters having matches left to play in the last two playdates of the ends.

The Aces are right now tied with the Batang Pier for seventh spot on 4-6 records, with inactive Dyip sitting at ninth with a 4-7 card. The Elastopainters, in the interim, hold a 3-7 card. NorthPort and Rain or Shine have games on Sunday against Barangay Ginebra and Meralco individually, while Alaska will confront NLEX on Wednesday.

Here’s the circumstance for the four groups in the quarterfinal race:

The resurgent Aces just need a success against NLEX and they are through, and they can even get the seventh seed in the quarterfinals (More on that later). A misfortune won’t kill the Aces inside and out as they will confront either NorthPort or Columbian in a season finisher for the eighth seed.


Like the Aces, the Batang Pier need just a success against the Gin Kings to progress. A misfortune, in any case, could be deadly as NorthPort can get disposed of from the quarterfinals. That will occurs in case of a four-path tie at 4-7 (if Alaska and NorthPort lose, and Rain or Shine wins). Since just two will propel, the ties will be broken through the remainder tiebreak whereby the group with the best remainder gets No. 7, the following two fight for the No. 8 seed, and the group with the inferior remainder is wiped out.

Under that circumstance, the Batang Pier will be dispensed with due to a 0.978 remainder. Alaska will take No. 7 with a 1.024 remainder while Columbian (1.022) and Rain or Shine (0.975) will fight for No. 8.

NorthPort will likewise be booted out in the event that it winds up in a tie for eighth spot with Columbian and Alaska, again because of an inferior remainder among the three groups engaged with the tie.


As a result of their three-game losing slip toward the finish of the ends, the Dyip are currently hanging tight for a rival in the season finisher for the No. 8 seed. It will be either Alaska, Rain or Shine or NorthPort.

Rain or Shine

The standards for the Elastopainters are straightforward. Lose and you’re out.

Worse, even a success can’t ensure Rain or Shine a quarterfinals compartment. The most it can seek after is a four-route tie for seventh spot. A three-route tie for eighth place with Columbian and NorthPort will give them a season finisher coordinate for No. 8, yet a three-route tie with Alaska and Columbian for eighth place with kill them.

In outline, Rain or Shine will seek after an Alaska win if the Elastopainters beat Meralco on Sunday.


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