Belga concedes needing to threaten Perkins, yet shocked to get called for F2

WHILE he regards the call made by game authorities, Beau Belga accepts the outrageous foul punishment 2 infraction slapped on him was over the edge.

And no more, he said a blatant foul punishment 1 would do.

The brawny veteran was hurled out from the get-go in the principal quarter in the wake of elbowing sophomore Jason Perkins just beneath the neck, am act which the arbitrators regarded as F2.

Belga spent the remainder of the game inside the Rain or Shine burrow and looked as the group lost a nearby one, 86-84.

There was no lament in his activity, as indicated by Belga, saying Perkins had been more than once setting up picks which Phoenix would keep on running if the Fuel Masters won’t battle it.

What he regreted was giving his group a chance to down as it endured its fourth misfortune in five trips.


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