Dela Cruz raring to return to top structure for Ginebra close by Dillinger, Chan

ARTH Dela Cruz is raring to return to his top structure for Barangay Ginebra in the wake of enduring damage late in the Commissioner’s Cup.

Dela Cruz said he has recuperated from crotch damage that kept him out in the tailend of the past meeting. The Ginebra cager looked great in real life during the Kings’ past check up game a week ago against Magnolia where he played in the main part of the final quarter.

Dela Cruz was among one of the harmed players of Barangay Ginebra during the Commissioner’s Cup, with Jeff Chan and Jared Dillinger the other two notables. Dela Cruz said he is anxious to play particularly with the Kings being thumped out in the elimination rounds against TNT.

Barangay Ginebra mentor Tim Cone is glad that the Kings are at long last getting the three harmed players from the past meeting back.

Dela Cruz said regardless he has far to go to get to the cadence that he needs.


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