Glenn Capacio’s six hardest cautious tasks and how he attempted to stop them

On the off chance that we state that Glenn Capacio was the best average sized safeguard of his age, not many individuals will oppose this idea.

In any case, to be sheltered, we should simply say the Purefoods protective lynchpin was perhaps the best plug of his time, as demonstrated by his eight profession All-Defensive Team references which are next just to the unsurpassed high of nine of long-lasting partner Jerry Codinera.

Yet, comparable to Capacio was as a protector, the previous national player was additionally the first to concede that there were scorers during his time who were extremely difficult to stop – an uncommon variety of scorers who were near relentless.

Capacio regarded all these incredible ballplayers however toward the day’s end, he additionally needs to accept that he earned their regard for the barrier he played against them.

The previous UAAP Finals MVP out of Far Eastern University invested wholeheartedly with all due respect, and reasonably so. He committed a great deal of time taking a shot at his aptitudes and went through hours contemplating his cautious tasks with the assistance of mentors.

Individually, Capacio discussed every player on his rundown and how it was to monitor them.

Caidic was a deadshot who can likewise take it to the loop, so you simply need to pick your toxic substance, he reviews; Agustin could score in an assortment of ways – off the spill, off a screen, on the open court; Lastimosa was nearly unstoppagle at the post, as was Meneses; Samboy’s lightning initial step, he says, was without equivalent.

On the off chance that these players had the ball in their grasp, at that point a protector is practically dead in the water, says Capacio. So the most urgent piece of the cautious arrangement is toward the start, when Capacio attempted his strong best to deny them the ball.

On the off chance that he neglected to deny them the ball regardless of how enthusiastically he attempted, that was the point at which the endless hours he spent planning for and contemplating his protective tasks come in, says the six-time PBA champion.

With Samboy, Capacio says he had no real option except to list and give the Skywalker the jumper. “Kung hindi, wala ka ng possibility. Sa bilis ng initial step ni Sam, pag-drive n’ya iwan ka na kaagad ng half advance or isang step. Tapos tatalon dad s’ya.”

Agustin was flexible to the point that he could score in an assortment of ways, so you simply need to attempt to remain infront of him constantly, Capacio says. Lastimosa, he includes, was so solid in the low square – thus tricky with every one of those Jordan moves – that you just need to hold fast.

He says Meneses was an alternate creature. Capacio stands 6-foot-1 and Meneses is recorded at 6-2. Yet, the previous demands that the Aerial Volager was 6-4 or 6-5; or if nothing else that was the manner by which it felt guarding Meneses at the low post.

With Caidic, it wasn’t sufficient that you made them miss shots early, he says. You can’t unwind, you can’t ease up while guarding the Triggerman, “dahil kahit nadepensahan mo dad sya ng maganda ng tatlong quarters, kapag naka-shoot ng isa ‘yan, kabit-kabit na ‘yan.”

Capacio says there was one other player on his rundown, despite the fact that he just played against him quickly. Arnie Tuadles looked moderate, rusty even, however Capacio swears the late Toyota forward was so tricky thus damn difficult to safeguard.

Capacio went facing each one of those extraordinary scorers, and he depended on a straightforward scientific condition in checking his prosperity, “tinitingnan ko early afternoon yung mga scoring midpoints nila at kung ilan ang iniskor nila against sa amin,” he recalls.

In the event that they scored less, that implied he succeeded. On the off chance that they scored more, Capacio says he regularly spent restless evenings contemplating what he fouled up.

Capacio did that for 13 long years. All the more frequently that not, he rested sufficiently after each game.


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