Go to your creative mind as Bong Alvarez recollects his best dunk

A FEW of Bong Alvarez’s high-flying acts in his 16-year playing profession can be seen on YouTube, however one dunk stood apart among the rest.

Shockingly however, Alvarez’s most critical dunk ever isn’t accessible for us to see on the web, yet he still clearly recollects not many of the subtleties on how he had the option to execute it.

The second came when San Miguel, one of his eight groups in his PBA vocation, went facing Shell in spite of the fact that he no longer recalls when it precisely occurred.

In this play, the man they call ‘Mr. Energy’ took the ball from Redfield, and Alvarez was going to make a dunk. Be that as it may, Alvarez was amazed to see Redfield in interest in an endeavor for a chasedown square.

What Alvarez did was something he will always remember.

The dunk was such a feature, Alvarez stated, that San Miguel made a business out of it.

Beside the dunk, Alvarez said he will likewise always remember the motion of Redfield after the game when he visited the San Miguel storage space in a demonstration of sportsmanship.

Do you despite everything recollect that dunk? Tell us.


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