Guiao feels resigning Cyrus Baguio can at present play for ‘one to two years’

NLEX mentor Yeng Guiao accepts that Cyrus Baguio still has a great deal left in his tank, fit for adding to the Road Warriors in their PBA crusade.

The 40-year-old Baguio is set for retirement, finishing his 17-year PBA vocation where he had the option to gather three titles remembering a finals MVP for 2010 during his experience with Alaska.

Guiao has known Baguio since he was still a young child. During his instructing days with Swift, Guiao would see a youthful Baguio by and by being brought by the late Ric-Ric Marata, who is Baguio’s uncle.

As destiny would end up, Guiao drafted Baguio in the second round, fourteenth by and large in the 2003 PBA draft by Red Bull, an establishment he played for a very long time.

Baguio was required to play his last season with Guiao in the 2020 season. Be that as it may, when the pandemic came, NLEX did exclude Baguio in the air pocket program, losing the opportunity of a potential final appearance for his PBA vocation.

Guiao disclosed NLEX’s choice not to incorporate Baguio in the program is because of a business opportunity that he was unable to leave behind.

Guiao doesn’t see Baguio considering to play again for the 2021 season.


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