Thwarting SMB Grand Slam offer an additional inspiration for Magnolia

Thwarting San Miguel’s Grand Slam offer will be included inspiration for Magnolia as the Hotshots hope to protect the Governors’ Cup crown in the not so distant future.

The Hotshots, resolved to hold the title in the season-finishing meeting, brought back import Romeo Travis well in front of the competition.

Magnolia prevailed upon Alaska in six games in a year ago’s finals, while San Miguel fell at the quarterfinal organize.

The Hotshots have been planning for the Governors’ Cup since Aug. 19, however the group had the option to take a month-long rest in the wake of tiresome crusades in the course of the last three meetings.

Victolero it will be an intense errand halting a San Miguel squad that is raring to finish the range of the period’s titles in the wake of winning the Philippine Cup and Governors’ Cup.

San Miguel won the finals of the period opening competition in seven games against Magnolia, at that point halted the TNT Katropa in six games in the second gathering finals.

Victolero additionally said the minor offer of winning the Governors’ Cup crown will likewise be an intense street with groups getting quality imports, for example, Justin Brownlee of Barangay Ginebra, KJ McDaniels of TNT, and Dez Wells of San Miguel.


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